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No representation is made by this site as to the quality or fitness for any purposes of any resource listed. The reader must do his/her own investigations concerning those issues.
Office of the Administrator for the Courts: (forms) (360) 705-5328. 1206 S. Quince Street, Mail Stop EZ-11, Olympia, WA 98504. All forms on Internet Web site in Word 6.0 format at

Getting Your Own Divorce in Washington
: Book produced by Columbia Legal Services and available at bookstores or sold at Columbia Legal Services. Call (206) 464-5933. Also sells books for Custody Modification and Child Support Modification.

Attorney's Information Bureau
: Purchase mandatory forms. Orders by telephone only to general public.

Seattle: (206) 622-0734; Room C-603. Sixth floor of the King County Superior Courthouse.

Kent: (206) 205-2930; Room 1C. Kent Regional Justice Center, 401 4th Avenue in Kent.

King County Law Library
Seattle: (206) 296-0940; Room W-621. Sixth floor of the King County Superior Courthouse. Forms, videos, typewriters, and resources for legal research available. Open 8:00am to 9:00pm weekdays, and 9:00&m to 6:00pm on Saturdays. They cannot give legal advice.

Kent: (206) 205-2900. First floor of the Kent Regional Justice Center. Open 8:00am to 6:00p.m. on weekdays. They cannot give legal advice.

King County Clerk's Office

Seattle: (206) 296-9300. Sixth floor of the King County Courthouse. 516 Third Avenue, Room E-609, Seattle, WA 98104. The Clerk's office cannot give legal advice. Local forms are also available.

Kent: (206) 296-9300. Second floor of the Kent Regional Justice Center, Room 2C. Can purchase forms. The Clerk's office cannot give legal advice.

Family Law Information Center ("FLIC")
: (206) 205-2526. Third floor of Kent Regional Justice Center, Room 3D. "Self help" tool designed to provide information and materials to the public regarding court procedures surrounding family law issues. Can purchase form packets and individual forms. The materials and information found in FLIC are not a substitute for legal advice.

Northwest Women's Law Center
: (206) 621-7691. Free forms/instruction packets for dissolutions and parenting plan modifications, settlement conferences, name changes, emancipations. Also sells manual with forms and instructions for filing parentage (paternity) action. Also provides referrals by phone. Washington Legal Blank, Inc.: (206) 392-4881; (800) 824-4929.

Columbia Legal Services
: (206) 464-5933; 101 Yesler, third floor, Seattle, WA 98104.

King County Neighborhood Legal Clinics
: (206) 340-2593. Operated in various areas of King County. Thirty minute free consultation with an attorney. No direct representation offered.

Fremont Family Law Clinic
: (206) 783-2948. Call Wednesdays between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. only. One hour free consultation with an attorney who specializes in family law. Priority is given to pro se litigants who are victims of domestic violence and who have complex parenting issues.

Lawyer Referral Service
: (206) 623-2551. Referral service run by the King County Bar Association for a paid attorney. There is no fee to call the service; there is a $30.00 charge for the first hour of consultation.

How to Finish Your Divorce Class
: (425) 462-0838. Free seminar offered second Wednesday of every month from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. at the King County Law Library, Room W621 on the sixth floor of the downtown Seattle Courthouse. Volunteer attorneys offer assistance and review forms.

Division of Child Support

Seattle Field Office: (206) 341-7000. Assistance collecting child support, and modifying child support. Will refer Parentage (paternity) cases to Prosecuting Attorney's office.

"Self-Help Resource Center" with information about administrative child support orders and orders of child support. (206) 389-2459, (800) 526-8658.

King County Pro Se Resource Center: (206) 341-7272. Center assists individuals who want to proceed with Court action pro se (without attorney) by providing basic procedural instructions and pattern forms. Must have an open case at the Office of Support Enforcement (OSE) and wish to file a King County Court action. Instructions and forms for Child Support Modification and Contempt to enforce visitation rights in Court Orders.

Family Support Division - King County Prosecuting Attorney:

Assistance for Parentage (paternity) actions, and child support modification (by either parent).

Seattle: (206) 296-9020. Bank of California building, 900 4th Avenue, 9th floor.

Kent: (206) 296-9595. 610 West Meeker St., Suite 203.

Self Help Plus - (206) 624-4772:
A program for the King County Bar Association for low and medium income. Helps you with non-contested divorces, modification and Washington State child support orders, and minor parenting plan modifications. Does Not represent you in Court.

King County Family Law Facilitator
- (206) 296-9092: Provides information on certain family law actions including divorce, legal separation, and modifications of child support and parenting plans.

Eastside Legal Assistance program Self Help Program
: (425) 861-7033. Do-it-yourself divorce workshops held on the Eastside once a month. No direct representation.

King County Bar Association Mentor Program
: (206) 6232551. DIRECT REPRESENTATION for family law cases where the children are at risk. Volunteer attorneys assigned to case. Cannot respond to emergency situations.

King County Office of Public Defense
: (206) 296-7662. Public defender is assigned to represent pro se litigants faced with criminal contempt and dependency.

Northwest Justice Project
. 206-464-1519, 1-888-201-1012; 206-624-7501; FAX 1-888-201-1014 (new client intake line); 1-888-201-9737 TTY. Direct representation for eligible low-income litigants.

Family Law Advice Volunteers
. Free one-hour consultation with a volunteer attorney in King County is available to qualified individuals. You must be referred by a Judge/Court Commissioner, Northwest Women's Law Center, or a Family Law Facilitator.

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Washington State Bar Association:  (206) 727-8200
King County Bar Association: (206) 624-9365